The Classical Planets

Planet Symbol Metal Double Letter Letter Name Alchemical Process
Sun Gold ר Resh Coagulation, Fixation, Putrefaction / Multiplication, Projection
Moon Silver ג Gimel Distillation, Sublimation
Mars Iron פ Peh Separation
Mercury Mercury ב Beth Fermentation, Digestion
Jupiter Tin כ Kaph Dissolution, Solution
Venus Copper ד Daleth Conjunction, Congelation
Saturn Lead ת Tau Calcination, Incineration

Double Letters

Descriptions are adapted from The Chicken Qabalah of Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford.

Symbol Double Letter Letter Name Number Letter Meaning
ר Resh 200 R Head, Face
ג Gimel 3 G Camel. To Couple, Team Up
פ Peh 80 P, Ph, F Mouth
ב Beth 2 B House
כ Kaph 20 K Palm (of the Hand)
ד Daleth 4 D Door
ת Tau 400 Th, T Mark, Cross, Signature