The Signs of the Zodiac

Sign Symbol Element Polarity Modality Simple Letter Letter Name Alchemical Process
Aries Fire Cardinal ה Heh Calcination
Taurus Earth Fixed ו Vau Congelation
Gemini Air Mutable ז Zain Putrefaction, Fixation
Cancer Water Cardinal ח Cheth Dissolution, Solution
Leo Fire Fixed ט Teth Digestion
Virgo Earth Mutable י Yod Distillation
Libra Air Cardinal ל Lamed Sublimation
Scorpio Water Fixed נ Nun Separation
Sagittarius Fire Mutable ס Samekh Incineration
Capricorn Earth Cardinal ע Ayin Fermentation
Aquarius Air Fixed צ Tzaddi Multiplication
Pisces Water Mutable ק Qoph Projection
  Fire Earth Air Water



Element Description
Fire Enthusiasm; drive to express self; faith
Earth Practicality; caution; material world
Air Communication; socialization; conceptualization
Water Emotion; empathy; sensitivity


Polarity Symbol Gender Description
+ ☉ or ♂ Male self-expressive
- ☽ or ♀ Female self-containing


Modality Description
Cardinal Action; dynamic; initiative; great force
Fixed Resistance to change; great willpower; inflexible
Mutable Adaptability; flexible; resourceful